Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hack a Wii with MiiXpress

This guide is a simple way to softmod your Wii. Just follow step by step and don't miss any step.


WORK TO ALL WII 3.x -> 4.3(U/E/J/K)

MiiXpress is new tool, created by eGurgle..

This is a PC Software, and its used to get necessary files to Softmod process and download the best and essential Wii applications.

MiiXpress uses Nintendo's Update Servers to get IOS/System Menu,, so, be patient while downloadingSometimes Nintendo's Update Servers are down and NUS cant download files. If your Wii is 4.0 or below, then be patient cause System Menu 4.1 is around 20mb (this will take some time!) and it the first file to be download. So,,, just wait.

MiiXpress wont Delete TEMP folder cause downloaded files are storaged there. So, if you run it again and choose CFG USB Loader, MiiXpress will search it in TEMP folder before download it again! TEMP is for saving your time. But, if you wanna delete it, go ahead and delete it after you quit MiiXpress.

SD_Root folder will be renamed to SD_Root_OLD always you run Miixpress. If you wanna delete SD_Root_OLD, feel free. This rename method is to avoid transferring older files and/or unecessary files. Example: If you used Miixpress - Easy Hacking, your SD_Root has all hacking files. But, if you download Neogamma later and click Transfer to SD button, Miixpress will tranfer all hacks files + Neogamma. This new Method will avoid this.
Once you close Miixpress and run it again, SD_Root is renamed to SD_Root_OLD and new SD_Root folder is created to storage new downloaded files. So, this time, Miixpress will transfer only files downloaded at this selection time.

Download Links
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Miixpress 3.5.1 - 32 bits and 64 bits:
Depositfiles => (Preferred link)Miixpress 3.5.1 32 bits =>
Miixpress 3.5.1 64 bits =>
=> Extract miixpress.exe from file above to C:\MiiXpress\miixpress.exe

User Guide 

Then select your actual System Menu then your Region.
If Wii 4.3, you will be prompted about Exploit Method. Click Letterbomb if you dont wanna use any Classic Game exploit or, Click Game Exploit to use old method (retail game required)!
Once you choose Letterbomb, you will get a new WII MAC Address Menu. Just type your WII MAC Address (12 characters only, no ":" or "-").
If your selection is right, then Confirm your Wii System. Else change your selection.
Next screen is Download Method. I recommend NUS but you can download from Experimental too. 
Confirm to start download all necessary files to your Softmod process.
Just wait until you get a message saying:
Automatic MD5 Filecheck Successful!. If MD5 Check failed, you will need run Miixpress - Easy Hacking again.
Notepad will open a personal guide to your Wii. 
Click Transfer to SD button to transfer files to your SD. Or, files will be automatic transferred to SD when you quit Miixpress (once you didnt click Transfer to SD button). You will get a Message saying: "Done,,, Your SD Card is ready to Softmod your Wii"
Now,,, Just follow your guide step by step and dont miss any step!
FYI: Sometimes you can get .NET Error caused by NUSD application,,, just close window or quit MiiXPress without transfer files and Continue Downloading.

Once you got all necessary files and your SD Card is ready, then follow your personal guide MiiXpress-Guide.txt generated to you.
DON'T MISS ANY STEP and your Wii will become Softmoded.

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